Vibration Medical Treatment Therapy: Rapid Release
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Rapid Release Therapy Boynton Beach FL


Rapid Release Therapy (RRT) by doctors in Boynton Beach FL is the most advanced vibrational medical therapy treatment available today and is commonly used in a professional sports environment. It delivers precisely targeted vibration energy to help release pain, muscle tension, myofascial trigger points, fibrotic tissue adhesions and scar tissue, involving muscles, soft tissue fascia, ligaments and tendons, and articular joint capsules. High-frequency mechanical vibration RRT acts on a muscle to enhance force, power, flexibility, balance, and proprioception thereby increasing neural activity, which in turn stimulates the neuromuscular system and enhances the healing of tissues.

Our Rapid Release PRO2 generates up to 10,000 vibrations per minute (VPM), providing maximum comfort to the patient while inducing sustained contraction of the muscle vibrated and simultaneous relaxation of its antagonistic muscles and surrounding soft tissue(s). This response is known as the TVR (Tonic Vibration Reflex). The PRO2 Rapid Release device emits vibration frequencies of 100-200 Hz. Specific frequencies resonate with different types of body tissues. When mechanical vibrations of 100-200 Hz are directly administered to ligaments, tendons, fascia or muscles the TVR is elicited, inducing repeated changes in muscle fiber length. This puts the muscle tissue in an excitatory state, activating the motor neurons in and around the surrounding muscles and soft tissues. The excitation of these motor neurons is responsible for the “unlocking” of the contracted agonistic/antagonistic muscles and tissues, effectively restoring proper contraction and strength of muscles, while relaxing opposing muscles and tissues and safely breaking up myofascial trigger points and/or scar tissue, thus eliminating the pain they generate. This transient increase in muscle activity will result in reduced pain and inflammation, increased blood circulation, decreased tissue adhesion/congestion, decreased lactic acid in muscle tissue, restoration of motion to the joint(s) through mobilization and chiropractic adjustments, and ultimately faster rehabilitation from injury.

The PRO2 Rapid Release device is a meticulously engineered FDA class 1 medical device. It is uniquely suited for use on spinal conditions involving the neck and back, as well as headaches, TMJ, and loss of function involving the shoulders, arms, elbows, wrists, hands, hips, legs, knees, ankles, and feet. RRT treatments typically last 2-10 minutes and is effective in nearly every stage of treatment, acute to chronic. RRT is highly effective for the treatment of traumatically induced injuries, repetitive cumulative micro-traumatic injuries, athletic and non-athletic injuries, and chronic recurrent injuries, allowing the patient to recover more quickly, restoring optimal functional activity and return to full duty in a fewer number of days.

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