Athlete getting his leg tested after a sports injury.


Did you know that professional athletes rely on routine chiropractic care as a non-invasive, safe, natural, and drug-free option to relieve pain, prevent injuries, and enhance performance? In fact, chiropractors have joined the staff of teams in every sport.

Sports put athletes through a high level of physical stress. Quick starts and stops, explosive jumping and running, collisions, and atypical postures and movements place greater demands on the body’s physical structure – especially the spine.

The truth is that many sports-related injuries begin due to nerve interference caused by misalignments in our joints – primarily the spine. Our chiropractors at MDR Advanced Medical Associates in Boynton Beach are specially trained at removing this type of interference.  When this nerve interference is removed, the body experiences an increase in blood flow, higher immune system function, proper motor pattern firing, and improved overall health.  As a result, athletes receiving chiropractic care at our clinic have noticed increased flexibility, speed, agility, and power during sports participation.

Chiropractic treatments for athletes include chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, and soft tissue massage therapy to address the nervous, skeletal, muscular, and ligamentous systems. We also suggest kinesio taping for athletes.


The MDR Medical Associates team creates a unique treatment plan for every patient. Because chiropractic care considers the body as a whole, the plan can take into account all aspects of health. Not only do you as an athlete become more proficient at your sports activities, but you also improve your health as well. Chiropractic benefits promote a healthy lifestyle.

You do not have to be a professional athlete here in Boynton Beach to get the same chiropractic benefits. Our specially trained chiropractors are available as well to youth athletes, amateur athletes, and weekend warriors in the Boynton Beach area. Call our clinic to schedule a consultation to assess your sports injury in Boynton Beach.

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Mohammed HuseinMohammed Husein
04:17 15 Oct 21
Dr. Abe was quick in assisting me with my neck and shoulder pain! I had very little movement of my head going into the office but Dr. Abe assured me that I would be taken care of. He not only adjusted me but taught me ways to alleviate my pain through at-home stretching and better sleeping positions. Three days later and my pain is gone! Thank you Dr. Abe and thank you MDR!! I will be back!
Omar HamdanOmar Hamdan
15:58 14 Oct 21
I had an amazing experience with Dr. Abe. This was the first time I felt absolute comfort at a chiropractor and will 100% be back. I felt comfortable and felt that Dr. Abe was treating me like a member of his family. I really appreciate Dr. Abe and MDR Advanced Medical Associates. Dr. Abe thoroughly explained to me my options and helped me set follow up appointments the fit into my daily packed schedule. Thank you !
Jason KingJason King
15:32 14 Oct 21
I've been coming here for over a year now and the service is exceptional, Dr Abe has been a huge help in my recovery and also always have a great conversation with him. If you're not coming here you're going to the wrong place.
20:46 28 Jun 21
I decided to visit this group after a pinched nerve/muscle spasms in my neck/arm were not getting better. Great location, good hours, if you are in pain, they do anything they can to try & see you and not make you wait a week.Dr Mark & Dr Abe went thru my x-rays and came up with a game plan & discussed with me.I mainly see Abe for manipulations, he is very skilled at what he does. I'm glad I took the chiropractic route. Had me up & running pretty fast. Amazing that I felt that good without medicines.Jessica & Deasy are fun to deal with. Nice, friendly, & they keep things moving! It all starts and ends at the front desk.Chris. What can I say. I guess it isn't really isn't his fault that he gets to inflict pain on me from time to time, but, he is also great to work with 🤣🤣. He gets to demonstrate the "at home" things to do, never the fun part but when done regularly, they may help you from coming back as much.Worth checking out. They are all good people.❤
Jack BrownJack Brown
21:58 09 Jun 21
I would recommend all my family and friends to go here.Tha whole staff is wonderful. The Doctor's explain what there doing ang how they are going to get you better.